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One of our missions here at, The Agency, is to give back to the community that we call home.We are excited to tell you that for the month ofFebruary, we have chosen to partner withSenior Life whose vision is to “improve quality of life for seniors in Midland”. The Winter months are especially hard on our home-bound seniors who may not be able to get out for a hot meal or have family to check in on them. 

Take it to the streets

We are honored to have a “Day of Giving” this month when our entire team will volunteer with Meals onWheels to take Midland seniors a hot meal. We have also implemented a plan where our agents will donate a percentage of their February commissions to go directly to Senior Life Midland. 

Meals on Wheels is the most recognizable service that they offer, however, there are many other needs that this organization faces. For example: One Day at a Time is a service offered to help the low-income elderly citizens with daily living necessities such as help with utilities, rent &personal hygiene items. We hope to make a small difference while encouraging others to do the same. 

If you feel lead to help in any way, please look over the enclosed information packet provided by SeniorLife Midland & the homebound services that they offer. We have included their contact information for your convenience. 

Senior Life Midland


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